Monday, June 7, 2010

House Update 1: A basement tour and the work begins

I finally had some time to take some pictures of our basement for you. Keep in mind that it needs work too! The basement is broken up into several areas that take up the whole length and breadth of the house. The first room you walk into is the laundry room, which has no washer, dryer or functional water heater (thank to the arse that cut the lines going to it). No pictured is the basement door which was kicked in on several occasions and will be replaced.

Next is the work room. This will be the future Mr. Fuzzy's work shop for all his handy man and tinkering needs. I love that it has some kind of old reclaimed wooden sink of some kind, which opens up too!

There is a blue room, which was billed as a 'rec room' by the bank. Yeah, right... I have a feeling this is just going to be a storage room (or maybe an exercise room when ever we have the money to get such fancy things). The walls and ceiling are that blue. I have no idea why. That will probably change when we paint over it with basement waterproofing paint (thank God!).

Next is the worlds narrowest bathroom. Well, it will be once we fit a toilet in there. We have to go on a scavenger hunt for the worlds narrowest sink too. The broken in window is thanks to another idiot who decided to break in the only window not large enough to fit anyone over the age of 12 through. That will be replaced by glass blocks.

Not pictured is a small storage closet under the stairs and the room with the furnace in it. On to the more exciting news....
The contractors have started working!!!! Work has started on the roof (lets hope the weather stays nice so they can continue). The kitchen skin/cabinet has been removed and a small amount of plumbing work has started in the basement. They will start more plumbing work once the doors come in later this week and we put the new very spiffy locks on them that we ordered. We have started to scrape the walls, but without water, we cant wash and prep the walls for painting... but I cant wait to start that step! We also put in a great fan into the library. Check out my flickr for notes on all these images!

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