Saturday, June 19, 2010

House Update 2: And so it Begins....

This update is probably going to be a little short. Work has begun, but a lot of it you cant really see.  We picked out the colors etc for our new soffits, which I think will go really well with the paint job. The work done on the roof/gutters seems to have helped with the water intrusion problems we were having in the basement! Our two new doors have been installed (along with some very fancy locks from Mul-T-Lock), but they arent finished trimming them yet. The Bilco door has yet to arrive, but the two other doors make the house a LOT more secure.
We met with the cabinet person this past week to talk about our options. We should get everything priced out next week... because price really is a huge determinate in our kitchen remodel. Cabinets etc. are coming out of pocket, so as we find more stuff that needs to be fixed (and we have) our kitchen budget shrinks.  Most of the pictures I have taken are of the nice and sparkly new pipes that have been plumbed. As of yesterday we now have one working spigot outside and one working utility sink in the basement!

Water means we can start prepping the walls properly! Scraping and peeling are the order of the day. Peeling latex paint is so much fun! Chipping away lead paint... not so much.

We also got a new light fixture/fan combo for the their floor. Isnt it awesome?! It took us like 3 tries to install it because we (I mean I) changed our minds on where it should go/fit...

Another plant decided to bloom in our back yard... and I think we may have a hyacinth bush. I didnt take a picture of it, but I will soon so I can get some second opinions. We did get our first batch of goodies out of our container gardens... some snap beans! We only harvested about 1/3 of the stuff growing, so we should have a couple more dinners worth of them later on when the rest get a big enough to eat. Oh, we also had a minor set back with the container garden though. One of the plumbers helpers decided to overturn one and use the bin as a waste receptacle. We called our contractor, and he replaced the beets with some seedlings and apologized. That was a super nice thing to do. We also got a small fire pit and had our first little mini fire today while we drank some pop and ate icecream. It was a great way to wind down... plus I am a fire bug and I was so proud that I got the little fire going on my first try. Thank you, middle school camp research project... I really did learn something useful!

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