Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RIP Dreads

Well, due to some unforeseen circumstanced that will most likely have me going to job interviews at some time in the near future, my dreads have been killed. They lasted one month shy of a year. I am very very not happy about this, but I know that I will have a better chance with interviews with 'normal person' hair. I had to send my husband off to the local store to get the conditioner because I started crying just thinking of it. It took a week of work to get them all out. We did a good amount on the weekend (starting in the back and working forward) and a few each day after that. We did not cut my hair short, because with how 'red' this state is, we figured long 'feminine' hair would also be more desirable. It hurt so bad, after a while I started taking tiny (like a half a teaspoon) swigs of rum after each one was done. We also broke my dread comb, loosing 3 steel teeth. Here are some before pics. Can you tell I am not happy about this?
 Take  a look at all the hair that came off my head (yes, that is a quarter next to the massive hair ball)! Even if I do get a job where I can have dreads, I am going to have to let my hair regrow so it isnt so thin!
I got a haircut after this because it was just too long. Nothing fancy though, just a normal.


Campbell Jane said...

It looks really cute. How does it feel?! Good luck on the interviews.

josh healy said...

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