Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Update 3: Bathroom Mania!

One of our first goals finally got completed earlier this week.... we now have one functioning bathroom! The third floor bathroom now have a working vanity, toilet AND shower! How exciting! We even installed some lighting.We have two more things to finish in the bathroom, and they are prep/paint the walls and find a mirror to complete the medicine cabinet. It will be white with silver/platinum accents.

We also put in the order for out (few) kitchen cabinets AND ordered our granite counter top. It was sort of funny with the granite. We went to a local stone yard that had all their stone out so you could go around see exactly the slab you were buying. Once you picked one out they actually write your name right on it!  It was really hard for the three of us (husband, visiting mom, and me) to visualize the kitchen. The colors in the kitchen are going to be yellow/white/bronze/light browns. While the color scheme is going to be bitch'n', it isnt what any of us naturally gravitate towards. All of us naturally go for blacks and grays! Anyway, I had a small sample of the wood color our cabinets will be and I was going around holding it up to all the slabs trying to pick one out. I went up to one and it looks good, so I ask the guy what it was. "Golden Kashmir"... okay. I keep looking around and find another one that looks good. "Golden Kashmir" I actually picked out the same stone 4 separate times in four different places in the yard! I figured it was a sign, and ran with it. I cant wait for it all to go in and to be able to show all of you!

We also found a new flowering plant in our backyard. If anyone has any idea what it is... please let us know! It is very pretty and I plan on keeping it. It is actually growing in around the mulberry bush/tree.

Our new back and basement doors are in along with their brand new fancy smanshy locks. Hazzah!
Hopefully, we can get a lot done over the holiday weekend.... we shall see!


Ansku said...

YAY for functioning bathrooms!! :)

Notebook In Hand Forum (Tundra) said...

Woah how exciting! I love seeing this sort of thing. I'm a bit of an addict of those house improvement/trying to sell/fix up our house shows.

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