Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun time at the Fest!

I thought I would blog a bit about my time at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Before, I unfortunately found out that I had not ordered enough head pins to finish the two projects I had planned. The first thing was a cha-cha bracelet in my colors so that I could (finally) have something to wear that I made, maybe generating sales. Up to this point, I havent made anything that:
1. I would wear (I am very picky)
2. Is tough enough to stand up to me (I beat the snot out of my jewelry)
3. Is my colors.
The second project is just another cha-cha that I plan on selling. I bit the bullet and finished my bracelet. I even have a picture of it! (crappy picture...but the best I have at the moment.) These cha-cha bracelets have about 400 headpins in each bracelet and mine has ~400 "regular" beads and ~400 seed beads. These are heavy and labor intensive, but I love the way they look!
Anyway, now that I finished my bracelet, I dont have enough pins to finish the one I actually want to sell! Bummer...and I cant afford to buy more until I make a sale!
At the Ren. Fest I had a great time and stayed most of the day! I dressed up a bit in my old choir skirt, my custom made wedding corset (steel boned and a 3 inch waist reduction...believe me when I say you do NOT want to sneeze in that thing!) and my custom made parasol (life saver...very sunny!) I also happened to meet up with my sister-in-law who was dancing that weekend (she is part of a middle eastern dance troupe) and got to watch my little three year old niece for a while. I got a new sheep hat (leather and sheep wool..very cool!) and a DVD by the Zucchini Brothers from their USO trip. I love the Zucchini Brothers, and we got to see Ded Bob again! We missed the Washing Well Wenches AGAIN! Some day we will see them! Ugh!
Anyway...I got asked about my corset and my parasol...but no one asked me about my bracelet...bummer.... Maybe next time?
Oh, I will try to get a picture up of my whole get up. I also wore some mineral make up from MineralMagic, which worked really well. I didnt feel greasy after a whole day at the fair...which is a nice change!


Brandi said...

I love that bracelet. I just wanted to stop by and say welcome to the Indiepublic Blog Ring! Thanks for joining.

Space Oddities said...

great outfit! sounds like the fair was superfun.

Memory said...

What an outfit! I love your jewelry, the leg up necklace is hilarious.

Fuzzy Izmit said...


Meg Stearns said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the faire! I love your cha cha bracelets and your outfit! Too cool!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I remember when you posted in the forums about that bracelet!!! It is really beautiful.

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