Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Butter Suprise!

Happy Butter Suprise!
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Some times things just happen that make you smile. My husband one night decided to use some butter from our French Butter Crock (I am totally in love with it and you can find them here!). He, for some reason, decided to scoop it out with a fork and thought nothing of it. This morning I go to butter my English muffin and... viola! A buttery rose is smiling back at me! It was so cute, just had to take a picture and show everyone. It is so nice to be able to suprised by simple things like this. I am glad that was able to recognize this little guy and preserve him in a photo before I went on with my day. I hope everyone can find a little smile someplace unexpected to warm your heart!


ragqueen said...

Yep that made me smile!

Patrizia said...

That is so sweet, it made me smile too!

shellydelight said...

I love it when my man does little things like that. I know how happy you are!


La Alicia said...

yep, it made me giggle a little -- thanks for sharing

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