Thursday, November 20, 2008

Product Review: oh the horror... BRAIN bowl from Foldedpigs

I was so so so excited when my husband called me during work today. He told me that a box was waiting for me... a wonderful box from a wonderful seller named foldedpigs. This seller is one of the first sellers I ever hearted when I first started this crazy thing called Etsy. I have saved up my paypal pennies to finally... finally get a Brain Bowl. It is hard to snag one, because they go so quickly, but I did it! This will go perfect with my skull cookie jar and eyeball salt and pepper shakers!

Well, when I got home there was this wonderful box with a great graphic of an anatomic heart on it... well that gets extra brownie points in my book! I am a total science nerd and anatomy lover. The bowl was wrapped up really securely, and I bet you could just about dropkick it and it would still be fine. I am going to keep all the bubble wrap for when I move in the future (when ever that will be...)!

The bowl itself is just perfect. According to the listing, it is microwave and dishwasher safe, which is good because I plan on eatting all my soup out of this bowl from now on! The red color is extremely vibrant and it is much larger in person that it looks in the listing too! I am going to treasure this bowl for a very long long time!

Overall Impression: I have to say, I was biased from the beginning, but I really love this bowl! I love the design, the concept and the execution! I love my brain bowl!


staceyrebecca said...


Michelle said...!!!!

meredith said...

i'm so glad you love the brain bowl! thanks for the glowing review! -meredith of foldedpigs-

Gothcupcake said...

Sweet brain bowl! ^_^

Renee said...

That's just awesome.

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